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Survivors of sexual abuse have powerful rights. 

Using these rights can change lives.

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Survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and other crimes can feel anger, pain or guilt for decades ... meanwhile most perpetrators go on like they've done nothing wrong.  

But survivors can use powerful rights in the civil law system to change lives, mostly their own, but also the perpetrator's, and sometimes those of unknown future victims.  These laws can be used to:

  • hold perpetrators accountable for what they did, so they don't forever get away with what they've done;  

  • empower survivors to fight back;

  • get the survivor paid money damages for what they endured; and  

  • prevent abuse against future victims who the perpetrator might victimize.  

We are here to help you!

This website has general advice about survivors' legal rights.  But every situation is unique.  What are your rights? Should you file a lawsuit? What might happen in your case?  What are the risks and benefits for you?  To find out, you can ask for a 100% free and private consultation with one of our attorneys. Many survivors have done just that, and they are so glad they did. It's easy!  We're nice!  And we never, never, share your information with anyone.  Get in touch with us. 


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For a free & private consultation about your rights, please use the form below.   Your information will never be shared without anyone. 

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Our Attorneys
Victor Sipos has worked as a litigation attorney for more than 25 years in Arizona, California and Utah. After many years of representing the largest corporations in America, Mr. Sipos discovered he was happiest when helping individuals harmed by criminal and careless acts of others. He now spends much of his practice helping such victims navigate the civil law system.  He has enjoyed success at all levels of the civil law system, from small claims court to multiple victories before the Utah Supreme Court. Clients praise him for his honesty, down-to-earth style, and high quality work. 

Sipos Law, PLLC dba Victim Law Center, South Jordan, UT (2005-Present)
Salt Lake County Auditor’s Office, Salt Lake City, UT (2005-2007)
Glynn & Finley, LLP, Walnut Creek, CA (2001-2005) 
Brown & Bain, PA, Phoenix, AZ (1997-2000)
U.S. District Court, District of Utah, extern for Hon. Bruce S. Jenkins, SLC, UT (1996)

University of Columbia School of Law, New York, New York. 1998. Recognized as Stone Scholar (approximately top 20%)

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.; BA, International Relations, 1995. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Partial Justice Within the U.S. Judicial System: Differing Treatment of Males and Females, published in a textbook titled A RHETORIC FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, Prentice Hall (1997)(ISBN: 0134402723)



Dawn Ceizler has worked as a litigation attorney for more than 15 years. She provides exceptional legal work to clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 100 companies.  Ms. Ceizler runs the Law Offices of Dawn Ceizler and works with Victim Law Center on matters filed in California.

University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law),  Berkeley, California. 2001.  Recipient of the the American Jurisprudence Award and the Prosser Award. Editor of the Berkeley Womens' Law Journal and member of the La Raza Law Journal.

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA; BA, 1997. Graduated Summa Cum Laude.





"I must be honest I lost all faith in attorneys until I met you. I honestly felt that “all” attorneys just lied and did not care about their clients and all they cared about was the money. But having you and what you did for me has shown me that there are indeed great attorneys out there who do care and work hard for their clients and thanks to you I now have faith back into the legal system."  - B.K.

"Victor has been the best advocate I could have asked for in resolving my dispute. His knowledge and professionalism has been superb... Victor was firm and steadfast against an unwilling opponent."  -T.A., 2016

"Thanks for all your help, you’re the best attorney I have ever seen." -S.G.L.

“Victor is the only attorney I’ve ever needed, and I went into our case very nervous. He was so genuine and down to earth I felt comfortable & confident right away. Very soon into the case, I realized how sharp he is, and I became extremely grateful we had him on our side. He always made us feel welcome to ask him questions and was patient in explaining things. He seemed genuinely concerned for us, and our case. He treated us like good friends he was looking out for.” -- L.N.

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